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VA – Hypnotic Rituals  (Stomping Goats Records) Showcase

VA – Hypnotic Rituals (Stomping Goats Records) Showcase

Thursday, 16 July 2020


We are showcasing the new release from Stomping Goats organisation VA – Hypnotic Rituals today. The compilation is also set for its official release today and will be available soon on their bandcamp page. Tracklist includes acts such as  Silent Horror, Malkaviam, LAB, Atomental, Mind Oscillation, Bio Photons, Giggles, Digitalist, Meto Seeds, Makumba and more. This mix of the compilation made by DJ Boga.

Here is a note from the label about the upcoming release –

A few years ago an old friend of us put together an absolutely special album with various aritsts. It was meant to get out of a label, but first it works differently and secondly than you think. Since this project has now been put on hold for years, we have decided to publish this masterpiece! We are really looking forward to it and hope that you will too.

Furthermore we want to inform you that we will donate the entire proceeds of this Compilation to the organization Bridging Himalaya www.brueckenzumhimalaya.de. The leaders are friends with us personally and with Stomping Goats we have been supporting children in nepal for around 4 years.

Thanks to GAOSHAN OOLONG for the Cover and all artists involved!



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