TPTR Top Picks for November 2020

TPTR Top Picks for November 2020

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Hello. Here is the list of top ten releases over the recent past. This list may not cater to everyone’s taste but we try to put out whats been released recently if you like to hear :))

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The list in no particular order –
Mind Distortion System – The Alien Connection (Lycantrop Recs)
VA – Scalaris (Kamino Recs)
VA – Mile High Club Vol.1 (Black Out Recs)
Metatron – Drugs not Hugs (Katayy Recs)
Flipknot – Flipknotic Fables Chapter 1 (Parvati Recs)
Highko & Agressive Mood – Maze of Madness (Blast Recs)
Imamu – Being of this World (Mental Sauce Recs)
Rupt – Small Talk Series Vol​.​18 (Zenon Recs)
Halform – Crossroads Of Worlds (Another Psyde Recs)
VA – Ear Growth Vol.2 (Occulta Recs)



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