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Kinetik Flux Interview

Kinetik Flux Interview

Friday, 21 April 2017

kinetic flux

We recently spoke to Swiss-based Renaud aka Kinetik Flux to feature on the TPTR show. We were deeply fascinated by his recent release Hell Flip EP (Hippyflip Recs.). He also produces under the projects – TikbaH / Tik0LL / KineravnA. Kinetik Flux will be performing at Kali Mela 2017. We also spoke to this talented psytrance producer about his life and some tips for producers.

1. What got you into the Psytrance music scene ? particulary the Darkpsy music scene ?
The people who bring me to his own are the mts mantra tribe system and the fractal family two crew that my landed in this music that I am not left and production level there Atomental who helped me a lot in my 2nd year of prod technical level and musicality and there was tirial that motivated me and make me want to persevere

2. What can we expect from Kinetik Flux in future ?
Oh oh oh oh 3 Things der sandman vs kinetik flux EP and kinetik flux and friends album and more more va and track hehheheh so hope to see you on the df

3. Take us through your studio ?
Oh okay okay Thks so i use the speakers tapco 10p , i have a nord module g1 , and i have a zoomer

4. If you had one production tip to pass on to budding producers, what will it be ?
A good production advice is the 3/4 is super cool and filled with groove. The fact of counting in 3/4 in place of 4/4 gives a groove to the music

5. What is your opinion on association of darkpsy music to the occult ?
I think it’s a shame because for people who do not know it is even harder to know because too dark or occult but on another side we can not care a can cool it is a dark side of the Force it makes it possible to get out the bad energy of beis

6. What is your opinion on the constant push and pull between keeping psytrance music underground and making it commericial to make it economically viable ?
Oulala it is a hard question to which I try to answer it every day … I am a can between the two we will say

7. what are your major influences ?
kasatka knobolt alic-d zulutunes and more more ppl Ahahhah

8. What is favouraite passtime other than music production ?
Euh.. Music production ahhhahahha no for real i love to see beautiful scenery, walk, scooter, skate, spend time with my friends …

9. Are you affliated with any record label ? Is a label important in today’s music industry ?
So yes i have 6 records : Moonrise rec, Hippyflip rec, Darknox rec, Voodoo hoodoo rec, Sacred sound rec,Quantum digits rec. And yes for sure all hahahaha

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