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Interview with KT (Parvati Recs)

Interview with KT (Parvati Recs)

Tuesday, 07 August 2018

Hey, We recently caught up with Goa-based forest psytrance disc jockey KT, for some insight on him and the psytrance scenes these days. KT has been part of the psytrance music scene for a long time now and he is well-known in the psy scene in India. He has been part of several festivals and events and also looks after the Parvati store in Chapora. Follow him on FB (https://www.facebook.com/karan.talwar.37) for info on upcoming gigs. he will be playing soon at Spiritz of D-Jungle (Sweden) in August and Primitif Festival (Morocco) in September

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What got you into psytrance music ?
Actually, my neighbour/buddy in the late 90s used to listen to this music and so that’s where I first heard psy trance I remember in his room. Then I eventually found isratrance.com (in those days was no FB and other social media) and hotmail and msn was how we managed to keep updated with the new music of that time ! Good days…

You have been a label dj for Parvati Recs. for years. How has your journey been so far with the label ?
The Parvati sound was a big influence on me musically ever since I can remember. Right from the days of Droidsect , Azax Syndrome, Tits on Fire, DroneBixie and more… this was the night music of that time. We used to organise friendly gatherings around Delhi and call our fav Parvati Records artist down to play- they refer to those days as the Golden Years of Psy trance (2003-2007). Giuseppe has been a role-model to me for the unending good work he has done for the trance scene and pushing the Parvati sound to all corners of the world. So the journey has been amazing… and I consider myself lucky to be part of such a wonderful family of talented people. I’ve been officially a label dj for Parvati Records since 2013- and have learnt a lot about music (and life) during this time. I’ve had the chance to meet wonderful people and also share my DJ set with dance floors all over the place. I hope I can contribute in my own small way to growing the Parvati sound for the next gen of psy trance listeners.

which is the best place for psytrance music scene at the moment ?
In India – Goa !!! I hear Brazil is the new upcoming psy trance destination , beautiful country and great people ! Then Europe is Europe , where big festivals happen every summer. Top level production and great overall experience! Japan had also a regular psy trance scene , actually many countries have a great psy trance scene ! Sri Lanka also I have heard has been hosting Atman and I only heard good reviews until now. Mexico also is huge for trance , I even heard recently a friend went to China to play … so trance is spreading far and wide across the world … exciting times ahead!

There is often references of religious / spiritual teachings in psytrance music. what is your opinion towards this feature of the genre ?
I prefer to keep religion out of it , and but spirituality… Is a very personal thing. I understand this music can take the listener to realms within themself , into trance. Spirituality is nothing but a universal connection I believe …Mind +body and + soul . I see some of the smiles on the dance floor in the morning … having a spiritual/sacred moment on the dance floor is not uncommon or new at all- and I totally understand where the music can take someone if they’re actively listening or tuned in. Look at the Sufi saints when they sing … Or these African tribes … in the Amazon the shaman sings …Its pure trance !

What tips will you give to a first time party-goer ?
Don’t throw your trash around. Drink water often (dancing is exercise!) Have fun !

You also run the Parvati store in Goa. How is that going ? Can you also give some insight on cd and merchandise sales ?
Yes I work at the Parvati Shop, and it is a fun small music shop/cafe! Our coffee and pasta is quite popular … The Cd sales is not very high at all , also because now music is being consumed differently -They don’t even make CD roms in computers nowadays. So we also moved to the digital world where we sell music via USB as well. This has been getting a decent response so far. Merchandise is a great way to connect to the people and promote the label as well , so we print a few new designs every year as well as keep merchandise from other trance/clothes labels. Basically it’s a great place for someone to come hang out -meet maybe artist,DJ or party people and listen to the newest releases from the label . We also got free WiFi and yummy desserts…

Where do you want to be in 30 years ?
I’m not sure yet …

What is your favoraite food, colour and passtime (apart from psytrance) ?
I’m a foodie person so I like all kinds of food…favourite colour I have never really thought about that..And my favourite pastime is travelling


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