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Interview with Highko (exclusive)

Interview with Highko (exclusive)

Thursday, 12 March 2020


The psychedelic transcendence team met with renowned psytrance producer Highko on his recent trip to Goa. Highko has been djing since 2000 and is considered to be the founders of the hitech scene along with Cosmo. He has released several tracks over the years and played at major festivals across the world. Currently he runs Blast Records and is working on several collab projects and more. He played  recently at the teaser party for Ahoora Festival at Orignes, Goa. Highko also recently featured on the Psychedelic Transcendence show !! check this mix on the website. 

We did a interview with Highko, to get some info on his label Blast Records and his upcoming releases.


1. What’s new with Highko ?

I have worked a lot since my last release 25/7 and have  almost  an new highko solo album ready. Lowko is a new project from me  which will be released on  Bom Shanka records later this year

I worked with Rawar on our project “Highwar” Album which is  also planned for  release later in 2020. Another project called “maze of madness” is cooking as well , it’s collab with “aggressive mood” and is planned for release in 2020 on Blast records.

2. What is hitech ? How did this style develop ?

Hitech is a technical term for things that perform better than the usual known technology.

In the year 2004 me and Cosmo used this word a lot to describe our music style known as “Highcosmos”. From there on people started to call our music like that and now it  has developed a lot . In every genre there are side genres like happy hitech ,dark hitech, breakcore, psycore and so on

I still define hitech as a rolling flow of mad sounds .

To be called hitech nowadays people expect high bpm .,which I prefer to keep around 170-180 . This still keeps people dancing, suprising them and keeps the ball rolling.

3. Many producers are working on more than 200bpm track these days. your opinion on this ?

Making music faster and faster was also part of the evolution that it became a new music genre and style. I think this 200 bpm sound was very necessary to expand the minds of people for it to be possible to have more creative freedom in psytrance. In the beginning people called us crazy when we played 152 and not 148 .. So this is what is best result of the whole hitech thing ..

I like to keep it in the way I always did.. might call me old school 😉 As I mentioned I also like psytrance in bpm range 150.. check Lowko project.

4 After a break from the psytrance music scene, You have released three albums in quick succession. How has this journey been for you ?

In year 2007 I needed a break after few years of party life. I moved to Nepal for about 5 years to learn and pursue paragliding. After pushing my new hobby a bit too much, the result was a broken spine .Unable to move for few months there was no question what to do with my spare time .. So I started making hitech in range on 170-190 .. It was so much fun , I just kept going…So later i moved to Austria and there I can combine my hobbies snowboarding, paragliding and blasting the dance floors;) very good. In my little studio in the mountains I have a nice space to let my inspirations flow freely

5. Hitech music is being played in the daytime in many parties. Does it mean that it is day music or good for night time also ? The fact that organizers like hitech to be played in morning or during the day ,which is not really my favorite time to play . It does not mean that the music doesn’t there . It’s just my personal taste..Like in the philosophies that blind people listen better I believe same works on dance floors.. As long as it’s dark the audience has more space to listen .. in the day it’s easy to get distracted from Visual impressions like other people looking and all that what matters when u tripping .. So if I have the choice I like to play my music in darkness .

6 Highwar is your new project with Rawar ? Does this project follow a different direction from the Highko project ?

Highwar project is in the list of next releases . In very short time we have a lot of requests and followers. To make music with Helder is a very big pleasure . We are very inspiring to each other and our work seems like “not work” .Its has influences from both of us .. but it is more close to Highko bpm then it is to Rawar bpm. We are also planning to make collab between Lurker and Lowko for some slower moments. Before we release we will need another few weeks studio time to make it 100%. Since both of us are pretty busy playing all around we have no date and waiting for the moment.

7. Any news from Blast Records ?

New from blast rec I already mentioned all upcoming projects and plans. What is just new on blast records is an artist called twisted psychology. He makes music since many years and now to listen on CD. In collab with blackout records his album is waiting to b listened.

8. You were on tour in India recently. How did it go ? What’s next ?

This February in India was the best time I had there since three years . There were so many friends and partys .. wow ! I was not really on tour . Just Goa. My India tour starts middle of April . Gigs in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore are confirmed.

Right now I am in Austria ,My next move is snowboarding, hope to get as much fresh powder days in the mountains as possible…Next gig is next month in Mexico “hitech revolution festival” till then I will do sport and music . I am very happy to play this years edition of Modem festival , That will be the highlight of this year for me.

My message for you out there : Stop Facebook, make music !!!


Check all the latest Highko releases on – Bandcamp link – https://blastrecords.bandcamp.com


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