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Interview with Headweller

Interview with Headweller

Friday, 22 March 2019

Dark Prog music has been around for last ten years or so. A branch of the Psychedelic music tree, it has found many followers and enthusiasts. Major labels in the style are Insonitus Recs, Uroboros Recs, Pistolero Recs,Padang Recs, Zenon Recs and Glitchy. Tonic. Recs. We have featured several Dark Prog / Psygressive /Psytech producers on this platform over the years. Most recent one being a top-notch two-hour set by Hans Dunkelkammer. Coming up TPTR has got a few more very talented Dark Prog DJs and producers lined up for this year.

We recently caught up with Greece-based Dark Prog producer Christos aka Headweller to get some knowledge on his music and other stuff. Headweller has made several releases across compilations and also has an EP out called Internal Contrast. He is scheduled to play at Revision Festival and Shankra Festival this summer among other such fests. Here is the interview:

How was the name Headweller derieved ?
When I started the project I was looking for a unique name that meant something to me .. HEADWELLER is just the idea that everything is somehow exists in our head.. Whatever we perceive as humans beeings dwells in our head!

What are your sources of inspiration ?
The whole life is a source of inspiration for me. I can be inspired by books, movies, different emotional situations of my life, or just a nice and relaxing walk in the woods. Also a great source of inspiration is the humans and the same diversity we have between us. Generally through music I try to express my experiences of what we call life and sometimes the words are not enough for that… Here comes the music and says what can not be said..

How is the dark prog scene in Greece?
Unfortunately in Greece there is no Dark Progressive scene.. Most of the people do not even know what is Dark Progressive or Zenonesque. There are very few small and low badget Dark Progreesive/Zenonesque parties. I feel bad about this because i think this “genre” can give another air and hue to what we call Psy Trance. Without terms and limits and with a great sense of freedom in the creative process.. The good thing is that this year some Greek festivals like Revision Festival puts in their lineup some great international Dark Progressive artists. So let’s hope that things in Greece will be better about this “genre” of Psy Trance!

Any producer tip you will like to share ?
Compress as much as it should, when it should and let the dynamics work their way!

What do you look for in a music festival ?
In the festivals I am looking for what we call “VIBE”. I don’t care if the festival is big or small. Everything is about the vibe in a festival and this has to do definitely with the music with the intention of the festival with the people who are attending and for sure with the organization team!

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