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Interview with Dark Septum

Interview with Dark Septum

Thursday, 05 December 2019

Times are getting hectic at TPTR Studio as we approach party season in Goa. Its mostly boring morning psy stuff going on currently but hopeful to see some new acts this season. This week, Damaru Records is expected to launch its next release a EP by Dark Septum called Opium Orchestra. We will be doing a album showcase of this release on 6th December featuring a preview of the album. Dark Septum also recently, released the Necromantra EP on Black Out Recs.. Check the release on the label’s bandcamp page. We also caught up with Dark Septum for a quick interview before this smashing new release. here it is :

What is the concept behind the new album ? How is it different from the previous album ?
The concept behind the new album is kind of a fusion between “analogue” acoustic orchestral instruments like a cello and those typical “digital” FM- and FX-Sounds like we all know from psytrance to create something you will remember after listening.
For that I took some samples I recorded with some musicians in the big studios of the SAE Institute Hamburg where I studied sound engineering. They have brilliant rooms for recording and an amazing selection of hardware.

What equipment do you use in your studio currently ?
At home I love to play with Serum and other Wavetable Synthesizers and to use it in an iterative way with (for example) software from Glitchmachines to create something totally new. Also, I have a Roland synthesizer and of course some acoustic instruments like e-guitars and a cello that I am using sometimes and process them to some psychedelic shit. 😉

Do you prefer a festival experience or partying at home ?
I love to get some new inspirations at festivals and enjoy the time with my friends and my girlfriend! My favourite festival until now is the mo:dem in Croatia. The amazing set from mastermind Orestis at the festival was my starting point of producing darkpsy.
I only produced FullOn/Twilight before with another live project (Affreqtic), but then Dark Septum was born. That doesn’t even mean that party at home is bad – I also love to be alone or with 1-2 friends and start a journey with them in a secured environment. Also, i can listen precisely to my own tracks in different mind settings what is difficult when you’re at a festival making party.

Who has designed the cover for the Opium Orchestra album ?
The cover was designed from my friend Simon P. Bach. I know him from Damaru Records, and he did an amazing job, didn’t he? Thanks a lot, by the way!

If you could choose, Which artist will you like to play before or after in a festival ?
Oh, that’s not easy… Like I said Orestis made me produce darkpsy, but I also enjoy all the stuff from Sonic Loom Music, but also of course the music of my home label Damaru records and Black Out records (especially Amethyst Deceiver and Dregspin). there are so many good artists out there… It’s easier to say that everything that will be played at modem is the most appropriate psy music for me. But I also love and produce some instrumental deep rock and metal, like Atmospheric Black Metal, Melodic Doom or Postrock. They are in so many ways the acoustic analogy to Darkpsy in my view and always worth to have a listen. Maybe this kind of music inspires me more than other psytrance does.


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