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An interview with Midnite Climax

An interview with Midnite Climax

Sunday, 06 November 2016

This week we feature Guatemala-based psychedelic trance music producer Midnite Climax. He presents a demo of his upcoming release ‘Release the Beauties’ LP. The album is slated for release in December on Multi Frequency Recs. Midnite Climax is the new project of Pablo Saravia. His previous projects include ‘Shamanoid’ and ‘Pineal Stargate’. He has released two EP under the Shamanoid project. They are a treat, look for them on the web if you haven’t already. With his new project Midnite Climax, Pablo explores new areas of Psychedelic music. His work clearly stands out from the tunes going around in the same genre. We got a chance to do a interview with Pablo about his music career, future plans and what vision he has for the psychedelic music scene.

Q: You have a had keen interest in music production from long time. What got you into it ?
I have been very creative since I was a kid. Tried to do other creative stuff like painting graffiti and graphic design but at the end I realized that music was my real passion. For me it’s like playing legos and when my father gave me a acoustic guitar it just got me started.

Q: How did the transition to electronic music production take place ?
I didn’t want to play only one instrument, I wanted to do the whole thing, from beats to vocals. I did not have a computer by the year 2000 so the only way to record some kind of multitrack project was to use cassettes, 2 simultaneous players and a crappy Casio keyboard to produce whatever sound was necessary. Because of those circumstances it was easier for me to start recording electronic music than any other style.

Q: what is your views of psychedelic substances ? Is it necessary take them to listen to psytrance ?
For me, psychedelic substances are like a mental lubricant that allows people to connect deeper into their own minds, specially if they don’t have practice with other methods that don’t require the use of psychedelics, such as meditation. Personally I dont think it’s necessary to take drugs to listen to psytrance although it may help, along with dancing of course. In my case I don’t like producing psychedelic music under the influence of psychedelic drugs. I think the psychedelic music is a mental lubricant itself.

Q: You have made some very killer music with your Shamanoid project. What were the reason to discontinue this project ?
I understood how to make psychedelic trance after a very intense DMT session. After that I started to put my theory into practice with the Shamanoid project…it worked. At the time (2008) I was also into mayan shamanism (hence the name of the project) so I applied the knowledge I was getting into the music. This lasted the next four years. In 2012 I felt the shamanic approach of my music was getting dull, overused by myself and other producers. I did not want to keep using shamanism as my general thematic for my future productions and also wanted to try other music styles for a while so after completing the second Shamanoid ep I decided to stop producing psytrance for a while (2 years without psytrance). As it happened with previous projects such as Ancient Forest and Yamantaka, when I finish proving a musical theory the old project ends to start a new one soon after. For the same reason the Midnite Climax project started in late 2013 under a new musical theory and a non-shamanic approach towards it. Midnite Climax is more about activism, conspiracies and rebellion against the system.

Q: Tell us a bit about the psytrance scene in Guatemala ?
Still growing, bigger and bigger but you know Guatemala is a little country so it will be difficult to see the scene grow as big as Mexico’s scene. Anyway, we already had tops 20 psytrance producer in our country includiing Gil and Osom. New good producers are appearing and helping the local production go international. A great country to make parties in amazing locations.

Q: We are looking forward to release of your ‘Release the Beauties’ album. Tell us about the work you have put in this album and the concepts involved in it ?
The energy of this project has shifted into a feminine form, compared to Shamanoid’s music which was energetically masculine. All the tracks have women names. The project itself has a name based on a 50’s and 60’s C.I.A. project involving L.S.D. and prostitutes. Just google “operation midnight climax” and you will find out some atrocities going on in the past. Regarding the feminine energy involved in the production of this music I can tell you it makes everything sound more intense. In nature feminine energy is overwhelming compared to disruptive and not so intense masculine energy. Nature herself is mostly feminine and it does not require much help from its masculine side. That’s the reason the new music is way more intense that my previous efforts with the Shamanoid project. Midnite CLimax music is expresing the core of the earth, the creative portal into another dimension, the mother creator. Each track has an female spirit inside. And yet it doesn’t have a shamanic approach, in this case it is just a blasting sound experience.

Q: You have shared the stage with many big artist ? Any important teaching you have learnt from them that you will like share with us ?
I learned the most important technical stuff for psytrance production with Dark Whisper and Mubali, even if we don’t share the same style. Regarding live performance Mubali was also the most influential technique in Ableton Live when I saw him the first time. Anyway, I managed to evolve into my own live set style, destroying and re-constructing the structures of the tracks every time I play. For me it’s like shuffling cards or playing with broken glass.

Q: What do you do for fun except for psytrance ?
I’m a creative person and thanks to that I evolved the Midnite Climax project from psytrance into a multimedia one. So when I’m bored or tired of making psy music I also get into glitch and gif art. When I get the physical copies of the album I want to present it in my country as a multimedia gallery with the music and also digital visual art. Besides all the multimedia creation I spend most of the time mastering other people’s music as I’m a sound engineer.

Q: You run this label called Nación Psycodélica. Which artists / djs are signed on it ? Are there any releases coming up from this label ?
Nacion Psycodelica was created last year in order to organize and promote psychedelic parties in Guatemala. Months later I completed my first compilation, only Guatemalan artists. There is a new generation of artist appearing in Guatemala, not talking about djs but about good producers such as Cali’Balam, Xochipilli, Kosmic Mantra, Yonoise and Gukumatz. Now I have a distribution deal so I can start selling music from new producers from around the world on the most important music channels online such as iTunes, Beatport and Amazon.com. I began with locals but I have very talented friends who also deserve a chance. The first music release is due for December 9, 2016. My friend Gukumatz will release his album called Genetic Whirlpool. After that release I expect to have new music out every month.

Q: what is your vision for the psychedelic trance music scene for future ?
I expect more evolution in the music, something beyond darkpsy and hi-tech, beyond forest and psy-prog. Let’s see what the new generation of producers have to offer this growing global scene. I hope for union and not separation so we can all dance together.




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