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Interview with DJ Hellraiser

Interview with DJ Hellraiser

Thursday, 10 November 2016

DJ Hellraiser, Fabio Fauvrelle, is a psytrance DJ based in London, UK. Born in Portugal, Fabio started playing psytrance music from 1999. After years of spinning tunes across various dance floor, he was recognised in the scene. He previously worked under the pseudonym Kutanimal. In 2007, he joined the esteemed hitech label Pleiadian Records (Mexico). Subsequently,he got involved with long time psytrance label Triplag Music (Ireland/Russia) and in 2009 with dark psychedelic trance label Urban Antidote Records (Portugal). His dj set are night twisted hard times very psychedelic music with a lot of powerful moments.

DJ Hellraiser will feature on the Psychedelic Transcendence Show this Sunday, 13th November 2016. Check flyer below for local timings.

We spoke to Fabio about the London psytrance scene and his views on the evolution of the psytrance scene over the last ten years.

Q: what got you involved in the psytrance scene as a DJ?
Mainly the love for new music or artists and the will of spreading it so others can appreciate to. i always had access to good music and i use as a form of expression.

Q: which was your first memorable party experience ? How was it ?
my very first party was in the year 2000 organized by Good Mood productions in Portugal and was dedicated to the feminine side of psytrance the line up was Domino , Clarence and Ree . K all ladies was like an instant love beautiful vibes beautiful ppl. Second party short after was flow records launch party were i was offered the Cd compilation Change. flow records cd001 n that started my collection just to concluded because all had influence my third party was Boom festival 2000 n changed my life for ever.

Q: What you think of the evolution of psytrance scene in the last ten years?
that is a deep one: ))) i think due to the evolution of technology the music had a huge evolution and the new generation of producers came with wild and fresh ideas
i think musically as been a n honor and a pleasure to live in this era But in other hand im sad for the commercialization of the scene Its not a every nice scene now days with greed and envying and other bad energies ruling over a. big. number of record labels and event organization. Our lovely scene in Europe became a freak show n a drug abuse center as well a business for organizations. But there is still light in the darkness: )))

Q: Do you buy music ? Do you think this model of selling can still work for psytrance music ?
i do still buy music even of very little … i think yes there should be an industry for it. a good record is priceless. i do agree with free music too stuff like ektoplazm i think is a brilliant platform And very beneficial for the scene.

Q: Tell us a little about your personal life ?
im a simple guy 34 year old. born in Portugal from African emigrates parents. i love skateboarding i love all types of non commercial music. i love to dance to travel and meeting new ppl. i have a condition called Melomania is a person who as an extreme need of listen to music or rhythm every day. all the time.


Q: What would you say are the advantages of being a psytrance DJ ?
dj?to be able to travel work with different ppl and have access to fresh music
as well is an awesome feeling to put the dance floor on” fire “.

Q: How is the current London psytrance scene ?
humm im sad to say that is not a very nice one there is fierce competition between party promoters , strategic coalition and a major division between the different sub genres of psychedelic trance music lovers its hard n complicated scene as most events are still illegal.

Q: You play twisted dark psychedelic music. Do you think a person who just started to listen to psytrance music can listen to it or is it only for experienced listeners?
i think so yes iv meet ppl who discovered psy trance with hi tech music n only after discovered the other genres but got suck in to the scene with dark music.

Q: Which record label from the psytrance scene do you like currently ? Why ?
Pleiadian records, consistent quality releases, pioneered the hi tech music releases and are a label with pure n genuine intentions For development and evolution of this scene.

Q: What part of events/festivals will you like to see a change in , in the days to come ?
To be less turned to make profits n more focus in giving a good psychedelic experience to ppl.


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