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Hitech Series e2 – Boga

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  • Boga
  • Damaru Recs - Post Modern Music

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Hitech Series e2 – Boga

Hello. This week present some more hitech tunes. This episode set is mixed by DJ Boga. This month we are doing a hitech series with four hitech filled episodes. Datagen played last week with a stellar one hour set – check the episode on this link  – DJ Boga is also participating in the Birthday Special stream in memory of Cannibal Crow on 14 Dec – Check our FB page – fb.com/psychedelictranscendence for more details.  Hitech refers to a faster style on psytrance music with sound patterns unique to its sub-genre. Labels include – Nutriadance Records = Popol vuh Records = Galactic Crew = Cyberbay Records = Zulu tunes = Pleidian Records = Tryptech Recs – Hyprid Recs = Cosmic Crew – Post Modern Music – Blast Recs – Badgers Recs – Oktoom Records – Damaru Recs = Maniac Psycho Pro – Higher Voltage Recs  – Alice-D Recs – Freak Recs  Kamino Recs  – Noise Poison Recs


We will present our top picks for december next week along with a exlcusive new hitech set. Here is the set for this week –

Boga is the pseudonym for Aditya Biswas, based in Goa. Music has always been a central part of Aditya’s life. Since when he was in school, he took pride in bringing niche genres to his friends and discovering under-rated tracks. After juicing the rock, hip-hop and metal genres for what they were worth, in the year 2000, Aditya finally found his calling in electronic music. While he appreciates and follows the work being done in IDM, Drum N’ Bass, Electro, as well as Instrumental Hip-Hop, his true passion lies in Psychedelic Trance. His career as a DJ started in 2003, where he played the Mumbai party scene, and went on to be a regular at Club RAW, Mumbai. In 2008, Aditya decided to focus on producing PsyTrance with a leaning towards Dark Psy, Night Psy, Hitech and Dark Prog. He assumed the artist name DJ Boga,and spun psychedelic sets at underground parties, while remixing songs and finding his sound. In 2011, Maniac Psycho Pro picked him up as a label DJ and since February 2012, Aditya manages a radio show called Psychedelic Transcendence(facebook.com/tptrb). The radio show has built up quite a fan following and features guest appearances from across the globe. Since 2013, Boga is based in Goa, the heart of the Indian Psytrance scene. And has played and organised psytrance gigs at every major venue from Nine Bar, Monkey Valley and WestEnd to UV Bar, Primrose, Kolbasa and more. He has also been part of numerous special events and festivals across the country. In 2017 Boga became a label DJ with Damaru Records. He organised the label’s VA Flashizm release party in Goa in February 2017. He has also featured with a track on Antagon’s Belief Engine’s Remixes Album. He is currently working on a personal EP. He has compiled a VA album titled ‘Extra Solar Planets’ along with Extraterrestrial and Spirit Molecule for Maniac Psycho Pro.


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