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211010 – Tangular


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211010 – Tangular


Post Modern Music is a India / Global psytrance label featuring deep psychedelic music over the year. Over the past year itself there have been several releases from this label viz., Grainripper, Knusperjunks, Radice, Vox Fabri, Dattatreya and recently launched EP from Label members Aviral Sharma, Ishwar Dixit & Ishaan Dixit with a project called Triune project. -https://post-modernmusic.bandcamp.com/album/style-bending

Mrinal CR aka Tangular is a major part of this label. He was recently part of the PMM label night held at Unity Gathering Festival,Poland. This week we feature Tangular’s DJ set from that gig. Tangular is also working on production and we expect releases soon. More about Tangular below.

Hi Tefy has featured on the show previously, check the mix here – https://www.tptrb.com/audio/210926-hitefy/?/=


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Here is DJ Boga’s mix for this week.



Tangular is the brainchild of Mrinal CR, what started off as a fun quest to explore the deepest depths of the mind through the power of sound took a serious turn in the year 2017 after he started managing Post-Modern Music. Tangular the outcome of a deep dive into himself, his true feelings and emitions, his motto is to induce a state of trance by creating boundless auditory experiences for the listener. His music has a meditative flow which translates into fast paced and free flowing sets. After surfing through the golden era of the Bangalore psychedelic wave, he decided to move to Dubai to pursue his career in the events and entertainment industry, where he currently resides.. Tangular has arrived to tangle the fuck out of your brains and then masterfully untangle it.


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