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210926 – Hi Tefy


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210926 – Hi Tefy


Hi Tefy on the show this week with a hitech mix. Estefany is a Brazil based DJ and is part of Ilumini Bookings, Hipnotic Crew and Voodoo Hoodoo Recs.
More info on her below. When asked about the current party situation in Brazil, She mentioned that the country is opening up to parties gradually. Some small events have been taking place with around 300 people. She expects the events to be back to normal next year. This is something similar to the situation here in Goa as well.

Hi Tefy has featured on the show previously as well check the mix here – https://www.tptrb.com/audio/hitech-series-e3-hi-tefy/?/=


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Here is DJ Boga’s mix for this week. Check his new album out now on Hippyflip Records !


Hi Tefy :

Esthefany C. de Castro lives in Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brasil. Had the first immersion in psychedelic word of trance at 21 years old. Curious with those sonorities, started a Dj’s work in 2014, and since that improved her musical taste, until arriving in faster genres, “landing” in hi-tech music. Amazed with the infinite psychedelic possibilities this genre brings, she created the Hi-Tefy project, with the mission to carry in her idea of art, melodic ambiences between high bpms. Hoping to join energetic grooves with altered subjective patterns, the project search build a set that will take the listener to break with older paradigms and access new ways of perspectives. Believe that the unusual forms of wisdom are not only faces of knowledge, but clues to internal keys. That way looks for a perfect bond with the mainfloor, where this magic interaction will lead both parties to new stages of consciousness.


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