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210829 – Zamurah


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210829 – Zamurah


Zamurah on this week’s episode of the Psychedelic Transcendence. We are long time friends with Zeke. We recall grooving to his track Space Landscape released on JellyFish Frequency Recording back in 2013. He has featured on the show previously, you can find those sets if you browse the website. Zeke aka Zamurah hails from Argentina and has been doing well in the Dark psy music scene in South America as well as in Europe. Other good artists from Argentina include – Frantic Noise, Invid Mind, Megalopsy, Glosolalia and Will o Wisp. Let us know if we missed out on some.

Upcoming releases for Zamurah include –
an EP release at Shamanism Recods
Track on compilation at NutriaDance Records
Track on compilation at Lycantrop Records

Info and Contact:
Mail: [email protected]
SC: http://soundcloud.com/zamurah
BD: http://Zamurah.bandcamp.com
Web: https://linktr.ee/Zamurah



We recently released our top picks for August – It features Creepy Deep – Spirit of All Things (Religare Recs), Knusperjungs – Bricolage (Post Modern Music), VA – Cosmogony Mythology (Psyunity Music), VA – Infinite Seance (Shunyata Recs) and more.
Check the full list here – https://www.tptrb.com/tptr-top-picks-for-august-2021/

Check our genre pages for older episodes 🙂

Here is DJ Boga’s darkpsy mix for this week. DJ Boga plays tonight at UV Bar, Anjuna. For those in Goa, try to visit 🙂


About Zamurah:
Ezequiel Mozzi (Zeke) from Buenos Aires Argentina is an artist experienced in the recording, mixing, mastering and composition of Darkpsy.
He started experimenting with different musical styles and instruments (sax, harmonica).
When the psy merged with it, everything changed. He started as a DJ (2008) and then begin to create their own productions with the name Zamurah (2010).
After appearing in different V.A., in february 2019, his first EP called Izanami was released.

IrOri Records / Shamanism Records / Oktoom Records / Twenty-Five Records / Lycantrop Records / Nutriadance Records .


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