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210711 – 6047

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210711 – 6047



Welcome to another episode of TPTR or the Psychedelic Transcendence show. Its monsoon time here in Goa and the weather is nice and cool. We are doing something bit different this week – we got a 2 hour set of Suomi saundi music presented by guest dj 6047. Suomi is a style of psychedelic trance that originated in Finland around the mid-1990s. “Suomisaundi” literally means “Finnish sound” in Finnish; music that features many of the characteristics of suomisaundi has gained global popularity. He present some interesting tracks in this style of music. Write to us if you interested in listening to more Suomi music on the show !! Weeks have been going pretty fast these days. Here is a list of some of the cool releases in the Psytrance style over the recent few weeks – link

6047 is An Ho, based in LA, California. He had featured on the show previously as well.

Have a good Sunday ! Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. Takeshi is also a hitech DJ and will be featuring on the show next week with Boga.



Here is DJ Boga’s set for this week. some hitech music –


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