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Alien Chaos Interview

Alien Chaos Interview

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

We just wound up with our sixth Anniversary show on 25th March. We featured several acts for the first time on the show. These acts ranged from dark prog music to forest to dark pay to hitech. One of the acts we featured, is Brazilian hitech producer Alien Chaos. Recently inducted in Freak Records and soon to release a album on this label as well. Alien Chaos has made several releases so far on numerous labels. He is slated to be on Europe tour this summer. We had a chance to interview Alien Chaos and got some insight about this wonderful amazing hitech act.

What got you into making psytrance or hitech music ?

After I discovered the psychedelic music I started to search many different songs in the genre, I was listening everyday going to school, than music came to be a very special part in my life, till one day I realised that I could express my ideas doing my own music, than I start to learn how to make electronic music.

What are your major influences ?

Bizzarre Contact, GMS, Quadra, Xpiral, Headroom, Onionbrain, Grouch, Ataro, ConUnDrum, Mark Day, Paralocks, Hyperactive25, Parandroid, Arcek, Kindzadza, Infra

Do you follow any strategy in your production process ?

I usually make a lot of banks of preset, samples and templates to make it faster and easier to get in the point I want when I’m producing, this saves a lot of time and i can produce much more with this.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

I like to take a time and go out of my studio, go to a park, meet some friends, its very nice to reset the ideas, also watching movies or videos I can have idea to sample something and start a new track.

Tell us some information of your personal life ?

I live with my wife in Curitiba in Brazil, I work by myself doing music production courses, masterings, some artworks and also playing at parties, I live in front of a beautiful park, so usually I go there to take a ride by skate, in the weekend I visit my family but also meet some friends, cooking something tasty that I love it

Which is your favorite track ?

very hard to choose one but at the moment is: Anubis & Fright Rate – Dark Continent from Dark Continent VA will be released on Freak Rec.

which is your best party experience ?

I think all the parties has something special, but I have some memories that I will never forget, one of them it was in a festival in São Paulo, the dance floor was very close to a waterfall, and the organisation put a skull that glows in UV light all the time at the side of the waterfall. My friends and I was all the time looking to that skull and laughing a lot, every time we made a new joke about it, than in the last day of the festival, the guys from the party took the skull and go dance with that in the middle of the dance floor, guys, that was amazing! This interaction of the decor and the public was the best I ever saw no doubt.

Which is your worst party experience ?

I have a little bit of fear when I remember this…but it was a LSD trip I had in a festival once, I took all night long tripping that I was dead, I was totally out of my body, rolling in the ground and doing things i don’t remember, guys, this is very serious, till know I don’t know exactly what happen with me in that day, my luck it was my wife and my friends who take care with me till I get back, even it was a a very bad experience I took as a learning for my life because I had a time to rethink what I can make better for me and people surround me.

In what way is the psytrance scene in south america different from that in europe ?

People here in Brazil have a different interaction with the music than in Europe, In Brazil people are more energetic, they like to express the energy in the music, jumping, expressing their happiness. In Europe its a bit different, people are more introspective, everyone is tripping inside.

What’s next for the Alien Chaos project

Now Im focused in my Europe Tour in this year 2018, looking for some gigs from September to December, and also thinking about going India too in this time. It’s getting very good till now ! I Can’t wait for that !

Any message to fans of your music ?

Firstly I really would like to thank each one who listen to my music, I’m very very happy with all messages I received, the people who make music production courses with me, we always become great friends! This is the connection of music. Let the music power your life, but not just listen to music, live the music and our culture, bring the learnings and all good things you get in a festival for your lifestyle, show to your family, bring a new concept for this world !

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