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Album Review – Silent Horror – Seance (2011)

Album Review – Silent Horror – Seance (2011)

Monday, 18 July 2016

Artist: Silent Horror
Album: Seance (DCSMCD007)
Label: Devils Mind Records
Release Date: November 2011

A dark psychedelic mega booster released on Devils Mind Records some time back by the equally mysterious Pune-based producer Silent Horror, Jigar Shah. The album is constructed for night time outdoor forest space revelry, gatherings, festivals preferably over excellent quality speakers.

The album is a reflection of the evolution of Silent Horror music. Unlike many artists of this genre, Silent Horror has consistently maintained a presence in the scene with releases from some of the top psychedelic trance labels of the world. Some releases include VA Deviant Behaviour & VA Circus Obscuri (Deviant Force Records) and VA Spiritual Science (Active Meditation Music).

Said to be constructed over long journeys on board a ship, the album ranges from 145 − 155 beats per minute. This purely dark psychedelic album was entirely constructed on fruity loops. The album presents heavy basslines, well-articulated glitch, eerie pads and along with it a diverse range of timbres. The progressive and diverse drum patterns with a range of timely/untimely breaks and interludes pack a punch in every track. On par with what is cool in the dark psychedelic trance music lately Jigar Shah is also pushing the bar in sonic excellence. In comparison to Silent Horror’s previous releases, the release is much more crisp at the same time continues to present the dark psychedelic Silent Horror is known for.

These deep-layered tracks may not be perceived at one go. The album presents a zoo of sounds, in fact it might seem that Jigar took a trip to another planet and brought along a whole planet of sounds with him. The sustained atmospheric pads usage puts one in the front seat of these sonic projections.

Drum Ritual presents interesting rhythmic percussion patterns, Raw sounding beats reminiscent of traditional drum rituals carried across generations with a blend of organic and electronic sounds.

DejaVu is another impressive track of the album. The horrorish sounds are perfectly sequenced within a uniquely spatial atmosphere. Arppegiated mayhem with some beautiful synths makes this track wickedly attractive.

The Calling – The final track of the album leaves the listener wanting more of the same. A track that is a call from the wild, the uncharted, the unexplored and the unexpected. It presents an interesting end demanding a listen from any psychedelic trance fanatic.

Higher Access – A fast paced track likely to get back any lost attention with ultra dark basslines. A whole range of sounds complimenting each other and changing as the song shifts from one section to another. An overwhelming ride through dark forests on an electric night. The whole track is a crescendo that is subtle as well as aggressive.

Inner Soul – A forest symphony that takes one across the 21st century forests, with a midnight train echoing across the dense vegetation to find oneself among primitive tribes and syncopated dissonances adding shimmer to the whole. The eloquence of Silent Horror in presenting such diverse sonic bubbles while still continuing to maintain the theme of the track is phenomenal.

Of None But It – Another gem of a track from the album Seance. An attention grabbing seven minutes of mind thrashing blood boiling snarls. A psychedelic trance party anthem in tune with the winter forest night setting. A tight arrangement with the whole range of timbres, effects and leads.

Top-notch mastering done on the album by Colin Bennun at the stOOODio. Album Art done by

Seance is well constructed with the tracks complimenting each other giving continuity to the whole album. Awesome basslines and the sheer arrays of diverse sonic design of Silent Horror makes this a must buy or atleast worthy of a listen.

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