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201129 – Airvoyant

201129 – Airvoyant

Sunday, 29 November 2020

More music from friends this week. Trisulam Tribe is an upcoming psytrance label / party organisation run by some Kerala crew. They have made several releases over the months.  Check their bandcamp page for listen – Music | Trisulam Tribe (bandcamp.com) – We have done a few album showcases for this label as well. Browse the website to find them 🙂 – This week we present another member from this trippy crew – Raveen aka Airvoyant  – with a Darkpsy forest mix



Airvoyant Bio –

Airvoyant is the night-time psychedelic brainchild of Raveen Mohanan, hailing from Kerala, India; Currently associated with Trisulam Tribe / Records. [Bangalore, India].
After starting DJing under the name ‘RaveeN’ from 2012 and experimenting with various genres of music in and around South India, He started focusing on psytrance DJ Sets from 2016. Project ‘Airvoyant’ was born in 2018 which mainly focuses on groovy dance floor smashing tunes filled with mind-bending organic forest sounds and dark atmospheres solely intended to re-program human brains. In a short span of time, He has already shared stages with masterclass DJs and Live Acts around the globe like Giuseppe, Arjuna, Noctilus, Red Eye Jedi, Muscaria, Kaos, Malkaviam, Demoniac Insomniac, Radice, Daash, Psynonima, Mentalecho, Gotalien / Uka-Uka, Infra-Tzu Jan, Sitarsonic, Jovis Live and Many more.


VA Ominous Fumes (Released on 14th March 2020 – Trisulam Tribe Records)



Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto.  Here is DJ Boga’s set for this week. Next week begins december ! We plan to make a December a hitech month – with only hitech mixes !!  – Starting of with Datagen !! Datagen presents his new music featuring some of his tracks from EP Hex Pieper released on Lunatic Alien Records !



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