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201115 – Stereodots

201115 – Stereodots

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Dark Prog music is really good.  It creates interesting movements of mellowness , organic, intensity and more. We have covered a large roster of dark prog artists over time – Tystix, Melt, Gao, Chik’m, Headweller, Hans Dunkelkammer, Cold Project, Milivolt, Breger, and more. All these episode are available for stream on the website. look them up in the search window ^ ^

Manuel Sanchis aka Stereodots released his EP The Cube on Katayy Records on 17 July 2020. The EP is including 3 driving tunes! Focusing on a cross-gender atmosphere, from Darkprogressive to Psygressive & even industrial! The concept behind the Cube EP, A place to be safe during this situation, where nothing influences, only the time you spend inside away from the true or false information that surrounds us. In this way he wants to show how the situation influences him without counting his opinion and show his feeling & ideas how transformed into the music!


Manel Sanchis Lopez (Valencia, Spain) begins to take an interest in music in 2006, taking his first steps as a Punk-Rock’s band bassman. It was only later that he initiates musical production, making rap beats for some local bands. In 2010 he meets Psy Trance music, more precisely Dark Prog, and starts his own solo project, STEREODOTS, being a part of Zerosound’s Music Collective for a large period of time during which he performs on several clubs, in and outside Valencia. In, 2018 he joins Insonitus Records label, where he releases his first Ep, “Photogenic” and creates his\Dark Progressive live set while he participates in several label’s compilations and performs in national festivals. Currently, Stereodots forms part of Padang Records, label which a is working with on his new releases.



Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto.  Here is DJ Boga’s set for this week. Coming up next week – Rohan Bhide aka Xcursion makes a return on the show. Xcursion has been busy past few months with several releases of music, sample packs and other fun stuff. Check his bandcamp for all the tunes. – https://xcursionpsy.bandcamp.com/


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