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200920- Key to Insanity

200920- Key to Insanity

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Another day, another episode. We bring the new and most exciting new psytrance music in the world every week. Alex aka Key to Insanity features on the episode today with a exclusive live set in 165-175 bpm range. More info on Alex below. His next release will be coming up on South-Africa based Conscious Records. Check the top picks for September – https://www.tptrb.com/tptr-top-picks-for-september/ Coming up next week Dizmental’s new project – Plasmorh . Wish you guys a great week ahead !





Key to Insanity Bio:

“I lost my mind on the dance floor”
Yeah, you’ve said that before, but did you really lose your mind?
Have you ever considered the true implications of insanity, and the potential power that it holds?
“By going out of your mind, you will come to your senses.”
– Alan Watts
Key to Insaniity by Alex Vosser is a project born out of the best kind of crazy idea: take the flow and groove of conventional psy, and fuse it with the pounding high speed power of hitech beats. With on point production and precise DJ mixes, Key to Insaniity has been driving the South African psychedelic scene into a state of blissful madness.
After first getting behind the decks in 2014, Alex has rocked shows at many of Johannesburg’s best underground venues, including Mi House and Capital Rosebank. His talent and skill has led him on an unnaturally fast progression to outdoor festivals, where he made his debut on the main floor of the legendary Earthdance Festival in 2015.
Fast forward a few years and Key To Insaniity has played at many of the prestigious local Johannesburg and Durban festivals around including Twilight Festival, Tswaing Crater Gathering, Moksha, along side djs and producers like Digital Dream, Thorne, Higherwattska, Killawatt, Highstyle and Lucid with many more to follow. 2018 marked Alex’s debut EP “Context High” on SomA Ritual Records and from there the music has been prevailing.
DJing and producing in the styles of twilight, darkpsy and hitech, his music ranges in tempo from 148 to 180 bpm. His beats and selections favour organic flavours, while at the same time creating densely mechanical atmospheres. By fusing sounds that would be at home in the forest with beats from the cityscapes of psychedelic Johannesburg, Key to Insaniity delivers tunes and performances that speak to the heart of the new wave of techno-hippies.

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