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200906 – Amuq

200906 – Amuq

Sunday, 06 September 2020

This week on the psychedelic transcendence show we present a live set by Aμq , a US-based psytrance producer.  He is slated to release his new EP  “Dreamscape” on Post Modern Music. The mix on this show consists of tracks from this EP !  DJ Boga presents some hitech music this week. He will be video streaming in a few days. Check our social media pages for info on this.


We also do a lot of interviews on this platform. you can check some at – https://www.tptrb.com/?s=interview . Coming up next week Tom Gotchi with a exclusive dark-styled new mix.





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About Aμq,

Aμq is basically a big cat; the psytrance that this big cat creates and shares a combination of ethereal purs, hisses, and telepathic communications on the musings of their mind. This cat currently resides in the mountains of Western North Carolina, living with two other smaller cats named Raja and Mimiteh.

It hasn’t been until recently that these different sonic expressions were really ready to be shared with a larger audience. Now that they are, the work flow is near constant to share the different ideas, humor, ponderings, etc that happen to float through this big cat’s mind.

The latest collection of sounds is “Information Conspiracies”; This new mix for the Psychedelic Transcendence contains tracks from Information Conspiracies as well as new tracks on the forthcoming EP from Post Modern Music “Dreamscape”.

Join the Aμq bandcamp community at www.amuq.co/community The bandcamp community often has discounts exclusive previews of new tracks.

Feel free to shoot Aμq on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/amuq.puma.1

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