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200802 – Geozen (Darkon/ Underground Experience)

200802 – Geozen (Darkon/ Underground Experience)

Sunday, 02 August 2020





On this episode of the Psychedelic Transcendence show, Geozen presents a fresh new mix. Giorgos aka Geozen is a Greece-based Forest Psytrance producer. He has released two EP so far on Underground Experience (who we often feature on the show!) and Darkon Records. We really like the Sound of Mist release on the former one. This is his second time around on the show. Check the previous episode on this link – https://www.tptrb.com/audio/191222-geozen/?/= . This time around he present a DJ set with some older psytrance tunes.

We had a technical glitch on our server so many of the old episode are not working. The good thing is we can bring it back. This also gives us the chance to showcase the previous episodes. So lookout for this. We will publish a special episode featuring some of the great sets we have showcased over the years. Psychedelic Transcendence is also got a soundcloud account now – you can follow us here – https://soundcloud.com/psychedelic-transcendence.

We are looking for some assistance on the technical front. So if you know programming and can help us with some edits on this wordpress site. Message us on our social media pages.

Darkon Records is Brazil-based darkpsy label. They have been around for a while and have several good releases! We feature lot of psytrance music from Brazil on the show as there is lot of good music being made there 🙂 One of them being Demonizz, who featured on the episode some weeks back – https://www.tptrb.com/200531-demonizz/



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Geozen Bio:

“Geozen” is the music project of Giorgos K from Greece.
His excitement for music started very early as a listener on many styles of electronic, instrumental and psychedelic. Some years later, while mixing favorite tracks and djing at underground parties, he decided to start working on his own sounds. Having collected lots of musical inspiration from various corners of psychedelia, he has moved entirely into production, and thus, “Geozen” project was born.

The project experiments on producing tracks with dark atmospheric pathways created on natural organic sounds, mixed with hypnotic groovy melodies, rhythmic drums and deep basslines.

With his music, he is trying to create a musical journey inside listener’s mind through dark prog, psygressive, to forest psychedelic, with lots of atmosphere, insight and meditative-dancing vibes.

He has released two EP’s so far and some tracks inside various artists compilations.
– Nocturnal Perception, 2018 (Darkon Records)
– Sound Of Mist, 2019 (Underground Experience recs)


Soundcloud page:

Facebook page:

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