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Yo !  We focus on Barcelona-based Dark psychedelic trance label Wachuma Records on this episode. Artists such as Brain Stretch, Oroboros, Xikwri Neyrra, Paranoiac, Kinetik Flux and Vox Fabri have release albums on this label. Check and purchase this label music on – https://wachuma.bandcamp.com . Upcoming release on the label include – EP by Nercropsycho, a free compilation VA – Badingdastic Vol. 1 and maybe a Noise Gust album.

We posted our top picks for July 2020 over the week – it includes – VA – Wiccas Wizards II (Underground Experience), VA – MoDem Back The Future (Modem Festival) TBR, VA – Hypnotic Rituals (Stomping Goats Recs), VA – Blackforest Spirit Vol.6 (Galama Recs), Minimal Criminal – Art of Fart (Insonitus Recs), VA – Shiva Robot (Mulitdimensional Music), V​A – Time Deconstruction (Sonic Loom Music), Paracozm – Deep Accesss Measure (Zenon Recs), Cosinus – Parallel Worlds (Sangoma Recs) and VA – Dark Ritual (Ominous Revolution Recs). Check lists from previous months here – https://www.tptrb.com/?s=top+picks

Showcasing music for the label on the episode are label owner DJ Starvin Marvin and Vox Fabri, who has released two EPs on the label.  DJ Boga presents a mix of some fresh new tunes this week. Coming up next week is a new mix by Greece-based producer Geozen.



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Starvin Marvin Bio:
Starvin marvin is a boy who is born in Sweden but left 10 years ago for sunny Spain. He is the founder of Wachuma Records. Since 2014, he is spinning cds with darker tunes, a bpm range from 150 up to 220.
Vox Fabri Bio:
Vox Fabri is from Hungary. His first contact with psychedelic trance music was in 2010 and two years later he started mixing as DJ Organic Spirit in a deep nocturnal foresty dark trance. In 2016 he start his own project : Vox Fabri !!! He always try to create tribal organic atmosphere/soundscapes with abstract shadowy voices and sounds . He played a various parties and festivals in Hungary , Austria , Czech Republic , Slovakia , Croatia and Norway. He is founder at Liquid Monkeys Tribe.

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