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200719 – Grey Aathma

200719 – Grey Aathma

Sunday, 19 July 2020




Yo ! On this episode of the Psychedelic Transcendence, we present some neat hitech music from across different labels from the hitech scene. Guest featuring on this week’s set is Grey Aathma. Prabhakaran is a Chennai-based psytrance DJ currently part of Sharada Devi Records. He has featured on the show before as well in late 2017. He had played a night full on set that time around. On this episode he presents a one hour hitech set. DJ Boga presents the weekly presentation with some hitech tunes as well. Artwork by our main art guy at TPTR – Takeshi Matimoto.

We showcased newly released VA – Hypnotic Rituals from Stomping Goats earlier this week – https://www.tptrb.com/va-hypnotic-rituals-stomping-goats-records-album-showcase/

India based Trisulam Tribe recently a new compilation – VA – Alien Projekt compiled by Fatal Error. It is a nice VA featuring some good tracks. We might do a showcase of the VA in the coming weeks. Katavvy Records released a EP by Stereodots over the previous week as well.  Manel Sanchis aka Stereodots is a upcoming dark prog producer from Spain. Coming up over the week ahead – Top picks for July 2020..some top albums released. Next week on the show we feature Vox Fabri .



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Grey Aathma Bio:
Grey Aathma is a HiTech, Experimental Psychedelic and Twilight Trance project of Prabhakaran who hails from the Lost continent [Kumari Kandam] and the Remaining Surviving Land at present is called TAMIL NADU which is a southern Part of India. His passion for learning various styles of music drove him towards Psychedelic Sounds and he started Djing from 2007 at many parties and festivals in India. Using his collective memory and experience as a music form, he tries to gather all the intergalactic spiritual powers into one pure energy to create magic, open minds and increase consciousness. His music is based on the magical sounds of Nature and Outer space, giving digitalized technical sharp sounds floating from lower to higher frequencies drilling through our minds. Now he continues his mystical Musical journey on creating his own Psychedelic music to spread the spiritual purpose of life and give an advanced thought process which makes people realize that music and nature are our religion. He is also the founder of Musika Electronica Chennai group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/671199926264336/

Artists played with: Antagon, Audiopathik, Angry Luna, Rising dust, Painkiller, U recken, EVP, Berg, Hilighttribe, Diksha, Upgrade, Bubble, Bliss, Umber Vamber, Hyperactive 25, Pantomiman, Fright rate, Meglaopsy, Insector, Killatk, Fungus Funk, Oxidaksi, Killawatts, Awwen, Bethad, Neokontrol, Luna rave, Kanibal Holokaust, Sionnach, Gotalien, Jesus Raves, Uka Uka, Whiptongue and many more.

Festivals Played: Atomic Chaos, Freedom Blast ’16, ’17 & ’18, Dream Bubble, Magica Festival, Into the woods, Independence Bash, Electric Mahadev, Lemuria Gathering and many other club parties and private gatherings in Kerala, Chennai, Kodaikanal, Bangalore, Coorg, Vizag, Kasol, Himachal, Goa, Wayanad, Delhi, etc.

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