200712 – Saiwa

200712 – Saiwa

Sunday, 12 July 2020



Welcome to another episode of the Psychedelic Transcendence. Brazil-based Oktoom Records has come to our focus in recent months. They have released several compilations and albums featuring some great upcoming producers. Check their bandcamp page for all their releases. Label head at Oktoom Recs, Saiwa is the guest for this week’s episode. He presents his live set on this episode.

Upcoming release on Oktoom Records include – Album Saiwamurah, V.A Mental Architects 2020 compiled by Saiwamurah  and VA OKTOOM 2020


Saiwa Bio:

Saiwa is a Highbpm project, developed by Brazilian music producer Uilian Caio. Saiwa intends to elevate the mainfloor to a state of transcendental travel, in which one can be in many places at the same time, in constant variation, works with strongly technological elements, accompanying environments with an obscure touch. Saiwa is one of the creators of the national record label OktooM Records, which is in search of the true connection with psytrance, where it is not taken into account not the slope but the work / history of the artist.



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