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200628 – 28 June 2020 – Breger

200628 – 28 June 2020 – Breger

Sunday, 28 June 2020

This week we bring some dark-proggy psytech sound on the show. Goa/Germany – based producer Breger guest features on this episode with his set from the MOP teaser event that took place here in Goa at Shiva Place , Vagtor in February, Breger has featured at the previous edition of Masters of Puppet Festival and is slated to feature on the next one as well. TPTR has not been doing much dark prog recently and we hope to change this soon. Check our dark prog section on the website for all the previous episodes we have done so far on this style of music. – https://www.tptrb.com/dark-prog/

Breger will be presenting a new track in the next Zenon Recs’ Small Talk Series compilation. He has been a regular feature in this compilation series. Apart from this, he will be releasing music on his own-run label Copycow Records and Soup Herb Recs in the near future.  Coming up next week is Madrid-based forest psytrance project Leopardtron.

We did a interview with Psygressive label Giltchy.Tonic. Records owner Robert Hundt aka Radioactive Cake sometime back. Check the full interview here. – https://www.tptrb.com/interview-radioactive-cake/





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Breger Bio:

Goa based Breger, is not one to sit still. As co- founder of the music label Copycow and Beatplantation festival in Germany, he has spent the last 15 years in support of the underground culture.
Breger’s own style varies from minimal to savage techno and reflects his dark and groovy approach. His love for the psychedelic elements is evident in his productions and continues to inspire. Consistently exploring new sounds, Breger has a busy release schedule throughout 2020.



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