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200614 –  Mitra

200614 – Mitra

Sunday, 14 June 2020

This weeek on the Psychedelic Transcendence show we feature some more hitech music. Guest set on this episode by DJ Mitra. Oli aka Mitra runs Damaru Records along with DJ Ignis.

Damaru Records is a Darkpsy – hitech label based in Hamburg, Germany. DJ Boga, resident DJ at Psychedelic Transcendence is also a member of this record label. Damaru Records just released Selective Mood’s EP Voices on their bandcamp page.  Upcoming releases on the label include an EP by Alien Chaos and VA – Mad Writer (demos of which are out already on the label’s soundcloud page. The compilation is slated for release around September. Mitra has promised us of several more releases in the future. The label has recently signed on artists such as Alien Chaos, Dande Project, Moshh3, Aquarius Orb, Apple Maggots and DJ Catastrophalica. 

Coming up next week, Barcelona-based D.O.C re-appears on the show with a fresh new fast-paced set and Breger presents a zenon-style set around end of June on the show. 

We will release our top picks for June over the week. Check the website for updates !

Below is the weekly music showcase by DJ Boga and guest set by DJ Mitra. 



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Mitra Bio

Born in Hamburg, he has been involved in the Psytrance scene and DJ’ing for the same since 1999. He was musically inspired by the likes of Penta, Digital talk, Kindzadza, Electrypnose and many others along the way.
In 2006, he became a part of Ketuh records, and a few years later, around 2010, he started Damaru Records along with DJ Ignis and has been providing to the Psychedelic scene by supporting artists and giving back to the scene ever since.
He enjoys playing Psychedelic music ranging between 150 – 190 BPM – Forest, Dark & Hitech. Depending on the time and crowd, he tries to build a story, taking the crowd on a sonic journey starting from Dark Psychedelia to Fast & Intelligent Hitech music.
Check out his social media, links below,

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