200607 – Hokus Pokus

200607 – Hokus Pokus

Sunday, 07 June 2020

Greetings listeners, on this episode of the show, we present fast music for your minds and bodies.  On this episode, Hokus Pokus features on our show with 1 hour set some good dance music tunes with some psy-high ofcourse. Hokus Pokus has played at several gigs in Mumbai and others places in India. Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. 

Next week we got a special set coming up by Damaru Records head honcho DJ Mitra. He is a renowned dj in the darkpsy/hitech scene and is based in Hamburg, Germany. Damaru Records this week released a new EP by Selective Mood called Voices – check the release on Damaru Records Bandcamp page ! Hitech Clan from Germany have also released a new compilation – VA – Hitech Clan 2. 

DJ Boga presents 30-minute presentation of some groovy hitech tunes on this episode. 


Hokus Pokus Bio: Hokux Pokux is a project by Jeet Shukla from Mumbai. Hokux Pokux makes sure to serve a pure psychedelic experience by his DJ sets. Hokux Pokux is part of Universal Choas ( India ) and Insane Azylum ( México ).  


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