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200531 – Demonizz

200531 – Demonizz

Sunday, 31 May 2020

This week on the psychedelic transcendence show, we feature dark psy music. Guest set by Demonizz  , a brazilian dark psy project by Thiago. Dark Psy has been witnessing faster BPM tracks. It is said tracks faster than 160BPM in darkpsy style are considered to belong to its sub-genre – Psycore. With a constant need to raise BPM, there has been a shift between what is considered Dark Psy and What is psycore.  Even psycore has been pushing the limits with tracks going 300-400bpm. I Anyhow these are just words to describe these styles of music. 

Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. Coming up next week DJ Hokus Pokus. Other guest artists to feature on show soon include D.O.C, Leopardtron, Saiwa, Cold Project and more.

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Demonizz Bio

When the underground scene took its first steps, a generation of great Brazilian producers was already spreading the dark sounds of psytrance to the world, and Demonizz was one of those projects! Born in São Paulo – Brazil, Thiago and Leandro joined in 2004 and started a trajectory that mixes with the history of Brazilian Darkpsy. The project gained notoriety with memorable performances, at many festivals from north to south of Brazil, and on international tours with visits to Europe, Costa Rica and recently in Mexico. A member of the labels Twenty Five Records (Mexico), Nocturne Noises and Dark Valley (BR), the classic feature of Demonizz is the hypnotic rhythms of his drums and the most extreme influences of music in general. Without labels, formulas or standards, his compositions aim to expand consciousness through art and sound frequencies.


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