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200517 – Alien Trancesistor + Diplodocus

200517 – Alien Trancesistor + Diplodocus

Sunday, 17 May 2020

We approach the middle of 2020 now, its been unique experience so far full of different kinds of situations. We experienced some light showers earlier this week here in Goa. Online streaming of music has become massive over the past few month and we hope we are making an impact on this front. We try to present some of the best music around in the psytrance scene with a focus on “dark” style on music.  This week we have two guest featuring on the episode – Vikram aka Alien Transistor, a veteran psytrance DJ and producer hailing from India. He is the head honcho at Vantara Vichitara Records. He has organised several major parties over the years and has also played at some of the best festivals across the globe. He present a one hour mix of some fresh tunes. Also, on this show is upcoming producer from Gloom Music , Diplodocus. Stanley aka Diplodocus has released tracks on labels such as Gloom Music and Catar Music. He presents a 90-mix on this episode.

Also on this episode a fresh new mix by DJ Boga. Artwork by Takeshi Matiomoto. Coming up next week is a special hitech set by DJ Ruckus from Zulu Tunes.



Alien Transistor Bio:  

Alien Trancesistor (DJ/Artist) is a psychedelic trance project by Vikram from Bangalore (India). He is also the Co owner of Vantara Vichitra Records.
A performer since 2004, Vikram aka Alien Trancesistor spent years honing his skills and establishing his unique style as a dj, producer and event promoter before he leapt forward and began his journey as a label manager. Founded in 2011, his work with Vantara Vichitra Records has been unmistakably defined by his nurturing attitude towards artists who show potential and valour in their art.

Ever since he started DJ’ ing he has been constantly spreading his sounds at various festivals / Parties across India, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Austria, Croatia,Romania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia. Few of his past gigs includes Modem Festival 2017 (Croatia ) , Atman Festival 2017 (Sri Lanka), Waha Festival 2017 (Romania), Undervision Festival 2016 (Brazil) , Amazonas Festival 2016 (Bolivia), Southern Oracle Festival 2010 (Australia)

Catch Alien Transistor as he continues on his personal journey as he establishes himself as an individual with an uncanny talent in guiding dance floors on their psychedelic journey worldwide.



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Diplodocus Bio:

Stanley Georgiev aka Diplodocus is a young talented artist born in Bulgaria, but grew up on the island of Ibiza. It all started in 2010 helping to decorate and participate with the family forest parties where he discovered psychedelic trance and his passion for it. There he realised that psychedelic music was what inspired him on the music culture and he decided to involve himself in the psytrance scene of the island. After two years in the scene he started mixing his own sets on several indoor and outdoor parties.

In 2014 he joined Ritual crew from Madrid helping them organising events in Ibiza and other parties in Madrid and other places around Spain. The next year 2015 he starts to be part of Gloom Music family to expand the vibe around the world music culture. After experimenting some years in production he discovers the creative world of modular synthetizers which makes him go beyond a new world of sound creativity and join his last label called Catar Records in 2016. For the moment he is working slowly in his new live set and in the meaning time heavily influenced by electronic music he likes to mix dark & forest psytrance between 150 to 160 bpm.


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