200426 – Sawshield

200426 – Sawshield

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Hey, welcome to another episode of the Psychedelic transcendence Show, the weekly psytrance podcast program. We are in our eighth year of broadcast currently and have, more or less , been posting new episodes every week. If you like this podcast, do show us some support with a donation or  even just a message :).

Guest set on this week’s episode by Sawshield. Susheel Redddy aka Sawshield is part of STZ Records. He has compiled a couple of VAs for this label and is slated to introduce another one this year ! Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto . Coming up next week, Z , the antagon – alpha project from Germany ! Below is more info on Sawshield and his set for this week’s episode.

Sawshield Bio: SawShield is a project from Susheel Reddy from India. In 2006 susheel started his journey in music as a DJ, soon developed his interest to dark music & hi-tech. Since then he has been playing in many beautiful locations and venues around the world. His sharp, heavy and crushing sounds will leave our minds in the deepest state of trance.


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