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200419 – Chrono

200419 – Chrono

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Hitech music has been around for atleast 10 years now. Many artists had contributed to this style of music. They have released fast paced music ranging from 165 bpm to 220 bpm with thick leads and soundscapes. The push to go faster and make more exciting sounds has always been there in Hitech music. 

This has inspired groups of people to work together and contribute to it in various ways. Trisulam Tribe is a Kerala, India based event organiser and records label. They have hosted several events over the years featuring several top acts from the hitech scene. They have also been active in the music front also with a couple of compilation releases posted on their bandcamp page. This includes VA – Future World Order released in August 2019. It includes tracks by relatively new artists in the scene such as Liquitrip,  Lunatic Child, Experimentum, Samolekjan and more. Mastering by Mun-Ha and cover art by Upaya Project. This is compilation is compiled by DJ Chrono.

DJ Chrono (Vishal Nair) is a 24-year old hitech DJ part of Trisulam Tribe. He is the guest performer this week on the Psychedelic Transcendence show. He presents a exclusive 1-hour mix of some sweet foot tapping Hitech tunes. Flyer art for this episode by Takeshi.  Coming up next week some more homegrown talent – Susheel Reddy ask Sawshield from STZ Records. 

Chrono Bio:
CHRONO is the contrivance of Vishal Nair from Kerala, India. after exploring the psychedelic trance music for over 4 years in the mother lands of Goa and South India. Project Chrono was initiated in 2018 associating with Trisulam Tribe / Records based in Bangalore, India. Chrono when expanded in the conscious form will make you travel through the other worldy high BPM dimensions which will alter your believes and mindstate through a journey filled with a matrix of mind-boggling psychedelic soundscapes. He has already smashed the dance floor with masters around the globe such as Audiopathik, Oroboro, Nocturnes Creatures, Audiokidnapping, Cryptical Concept, Yatzee, Vasco, Gurgamesh, ZombieScream, Myr, Madianbrains and many more.

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