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200322 – Alpha

200322 – Alpha

Sunday, 22 March 2020

This week we feature more hitech music because we like hitech music. we also feel there is not much hitech music around though there is some hype around which is encouraging. Guest set this week by Germany based hitech veteran DJ Alpha (also part of Z project with Antagon). On this episode he showcases his dj set at the Reveilloz Festival in Brazil, held earlier this year. Art by Takeshi Matimoto. Coming up next week – Akes . Check his album Beyond Borders on Quantz Records. He will present a live set. Also coming up in some weeks will be a mix of Alpha’s project with Antagon, called Z.


About ALPHA:
…aka André Szigethy is a musician (piano, keyboards, bass guitar), dj, composer, producer, sound designer, webradio man (babaganousha.net + evosonic.de) and the head of „interzone.pa – arGsts4arGst network“. Since 2019 he founded the „interzone mastering studios“ together with ANTAGON/Lars Peter.
This short version of this biography is just about his psytrance life, because there is another life as a musician in many bands, projects, tours, releases, videos since nearly 45 years :)…whether in the classical living room as an educated pianist (Konservatorium Bremen) or a bass player, he has deep relaGons to electronic music for over 40 years. Goatrance, PsyTrance, Progressive, Full On, DarkPsy or Hightech, the mission was/is psychedelic of his  dj-career. What has been grown in recent years, can not be summarized here. ALPHA is playing as a DJ since 2018 for Damaru Rec. and for his own brand interzone.pa. An incredible arGst with many projects eg: – for 19 years in the Boom FesGval Team (Portugal), 16 years VuuV/VooV experience, cofounder of O.Z.O.R.A., PSYCROWDELICA incl. uncountable gigs as a musician + dj, cooperaGons for example with StarSounds Orchestra, Element, McCoy´s S.U.N. Project,  Akanoid, Sangeet, Triggerfish, Volldampf, A Million Lights, his formerly prog-project E-Chip feat. Andreas Roll + Thorsten Mesrine (Volldampf) + on drums Johann Bley, formerly Juno Reactor.

On the ambient/downbeat aspect of his personality he was wellknown for his long distance  set incl. all media and instrument. Later on he changed back from djing to live playing. For  some years he played together with Ancient Core (Romania). Since 10 years he is focussed strongly on the cooperaGon with Antagon + their project -Z-  (alpha & antagon) with different releases + gigs worldwide. Their new album was released  at the end of 2019 on BlackOut Records!

– radioshow ALPHA’S CRAZY SOUNDS since 20 (!) years, nowadays on babaganousha.net,  every (!) thursday 20:00-22:00cet

– radioshow ALPHA´S CRAZY SOUNDS – RECAP on evosonic.de, since 4 years every sunday  22:00-00:00.

– organizer of eg Jalanda, Euphoria, Amazone, Dark Moons, Dark Moons – The Female  RevoluGon, Dark Moons – Devil’s Rejects (coop with Cannibal Crow), Dark Vision (coop with Psychodad), Martyrium of the Innocent (Psychodad) and many more.

Since years his homebase is in St. Pauli Hamburg, but ALPHA feels mainly home, where the music is playing and the sun is shining 🙂



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