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200315 – Subconscient

200315 – Subconscient

Sunday, 15 March 2020

This week on the show we present some night-psy music. Brazil-based Resina Records has made several releases recently with several new producers. Guest set on this episode is by one of Resina Recs’ label djs DJ Subconscient. He has featured on this show previously with a dark-prog set. This time he showcases his new work in the night-psy realm. Check the exclusive set in the player below.

Subconscient Bio

His Dj sets purpose offering nocturnal sounds, Subconscient brings balance and cybernetic tendencies with an organical flux through mystical frequencies and deep, suggesting a sonic transformation for mind and soul. Breaking through sensory limits, then inducing people on dancefloor to contemplative deep state of mind, his dj set are based in tracks with psychedelic elements and introspective in a cosmic fusion through music ritual progressive and visionary, providing an unique experience by a mental dissociation and trance. His presentations reflects the capacity and straight perception to the reality aspects that usually aren’t realized through the conscious mind, concept origined the idea and his own name Subconscient. Subconscient signed by Resina Rec / Digital Yonkis Rec along with his select team of artists. Labels whose identity is notable releases with underground night sounds . https://www.facebook.com/subconscient.resina/

artwork by Takeshi Matimoto ! coming up next week is germany-based psytrance main man DJ Alpha ! He showcases his set from his recent trip to Brazil.



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