200308 – Highko

200308 – Highko

Sunday, 08 March 2020


This week on the show we have a special guest artist. Highko. He presents a 30-minute live set which sounds super good. We have also done a interview with Highko and will publish this on the website in the next few days. DJ Boga presents some hitech tunes as well starting up with Highko’s recent release ‘Nobody is the same’.

There is a lot of good hitech music happening currently and we are trying to showcase this via this podcast series. Check the hitech section of the website, to listen to previous episodes featuring artists such as Zombie Scream, Atria, Calabi Yau, Alien Chaos and more.

Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. Highko was recently in India. We got a chance to meet him and get a exclusive set for the psychedelic transcendence show. He has several releases lined up and will be playing next in Mexico. Also check his interview recently published on this website. 

Bandcamp link – https://blastrecords.bandcamp.com 


1. Highko _ Blast is a nice word

2. Highko vs Twisted Psychology – What

3. Highko vs Xandoz vs Twisted Psychology – Sacred Composition

4. Highko – yeeehaaa

5. Highko – satan in space rmx




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