200209 – Jokerfox

200209 – Jokerfox

Sunday, 09 February 2020
Hello Psychedelic People, we got more music coming up on the show. Did you know there is enough music on the website to listen to for 15 days non-stop without repeats !! This week guest featuring on the show is Asif aka JokerFox. He presents a fresh new set full of new tunes from his label Sacred Sound. Sacred Sound has released several albums over the years focussed on the fast and experimental part of the genre. In other new we celebrate our 8 year anniversary this month. Thanks for the support !! Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. JokerFox Bio: JokerFox like most started off as a pure listener and dancer, blasting on them psychedelic South Indian dancefloors, as the years passed he grew into the responsiblities of showcasing freak stories \m/ vAt present alongwith his duties at Sacred Sound, he is also part of Kamakhya, Phrenetic Tales & Popol Vuh Records


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