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200112 – Spycht

200112 – Spycht

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Welcome to 2020, This week we present darky psychedelic tunes ranging from 147 to 170. Season time in Goa now, Alien Universe festival just concluded, a fantastic set by Silent Horror in this one. Major presence of Deviant Force Records around also. Guest featuring on this episode is Spycht. We heard his music on one of the Voodoo Hoodoo compilations and are impressed by the tunes made. Spycht will feature at Sacred Earth Festival in Mid-2020. Coming up next week, we will publish top picks for January 2020. Not many releases this month with all the holidays. Check the list on the website by end of next week. Next week a solo show by DJ Boga featuring some hitech tunes. Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. If intrested in getting some artwork made for flyer or cover design contact Takeshi Matimoto on facebook !

Spycht bio:
Hailing from the midwest USA Spycht produces several types of psychedelic music including Swamptrance, Forest and Psycore. While wetting faces and popping blistered feet he will wipe your brain free of all those worrisome neurological pathways. One by one they will be sucked through your ears then transposed on the big screen. With a focus on modular synthesis, generative music, and funky groove Spycht aims to coat the walls in psychedelic goop. Spycht has several full releases including Decommissioned, Secreta Roi which is the followup to Amanna, and swamptrance releases Limberlost and Mangrove.


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