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191229 – Yoshua E.m

191229 – Yoshua E.m

Sunday, 29 December 2019

I was recently asked if i am excited about 2020, and I said i was enthusiastic about some cool psytrance gig that will be happen on Tuesday. About 2020 though, i guest dates are just marks in time , the changes happen across phases so we are already living in what will be happening 2020.

We bring some music that we love this week some fast psytrance music !! Guest featuring on this episode is Anomalistic Records and Twentyfive Records member Yoshua E.m. He has released several albums already and has been raising the psycore flag high at various parties. He is also part of India-based label Post-Modern Music (DJ Boga is also part of this label :)). PMM recently released = V​.​A. – Teleportal Tendencies. Check the release on their bandcamp page. Yoshua E.m presents a exclusive 80-mins set on this episode. Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. Coming up in January is Spycht from USA.

Yoshua E.m was born from one of the minds behind the project called Black Dreamz. The artist of Dark psychedelic, Experimental and Drum and bass began to produce music groping with different sounds and environments to find the psychedelic sound. In 2008 he started
producing under the name of Yoshua E.m and his recent projects are 7 Lunas (Ambient, Downtempo) and Inugami with Sebastian. Yoshua is one of the favorite producers at three in the morning on the dance floors of Goa Gil.


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