191215 – Xcursion

191215 – Xcursion

Sunday, 15 December 2019

This week on the psychedelic transcendence show we are featuring some night time psychedelic tunes. Guest set by Xcursion. Xcursion is part of Shunyata Records, Visionary Shamanics Records and Trilochanaa Records. We recently did a interview with Dark Septum. Check the mainpage for the link to that article. Coming up next week is Geozen from Underground Experience ! Artwork by TPTR main art guy Takeshi matimoto. 

About Xcursion: Xcursion Is The Project Of Rohan Bhide who is a talented experimental psychedelic trance music producer from Bangalore, India. Rohan is highly influenced by the old darkpsy and forest psytrance music. He has Released His Debut “Holographic Structures” EP in collaboration with Woorpz Rec In March, 2015. In the past, he has gone on to releasing multiple EPs & albums with various record labels across the globe. He is always trying to achieve that profound sound which a perfectionist would, Anyone who has heard Xcursion’s music before will know that its all about those low tones solid bass-lines, deep natural atmospheric sounds accompanied with metallic synthesized leads, creating a deep connection between sound and the listener. –


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