191208 – Moonarka

191208 – Moonarka

Sunday, 08 December 2019

On this episode, we present fresh new music with a twist of the old. Few days ago we showcased the recent release from Damaru Records, Opium Orchestra by Dark Septum. Check the preview mix on the mainpage of this website. Guest featuring on today’s episode is a relatively new producer Moonarke. He present his two hour live set. Moonarke has also uploaded some tutorials on music production on the internet. He is part of Germany-based Monkey Business Records and released his EP Todos Os Encantos with them. Coming up next week is a upcoming psytrance producer from India – Xcursion. Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto.

About Moonarka
Moonarka aka Goncalo Louzeiro is an experimental darkpsy project from the south of Portugal. The project started in 2014 after some experiments with Drum n’ Bass and Dubstep under other name, the Moonarka project finally settled on psychedelic trance, more specifically Darkpsy. Moonarka as two released albums (Todos Os Encantos 2019 / Pretérito Mais Que Perfeito 2017) and one EP (Too Over To Active 2017), as well as three unreleased albums (Messe Des Morts 2015 / We Hold Hands As We Make New Friends 2015 / Ogum 2016) and a new album is being cooked at the moment for the great year of 2020.




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