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191006 – Zoomorfos

191006 – Zoomorfos

Sunday, 06 October 2019

It is almost season time in Goa. Several big acts are expected to visit and perform at the upcoming season. This includes some of the guests that have featured on the Psychedelic Transcendence Show as well, such as Witch Freak and Senang and DJ Hu Gadam from Banyan Records. Khaos Sektor who featured on the show last year is currently on tour in India though will not be making it to Goa. We will be keeping Psychedelic Transcendence stickers are parties around the season. be sure to get them !

On this episode we present night time music with a  fresh hitech mix by DJ Boga. Guest featuring on today’s episode is Fabio Gomes aka Zomorfos. He released the We Who We Think We Are EP on Underground Experience Records earlier this year. Check the EP on the label’s bandcamp page. We have featured several aritsts and djs from this greece-based label and suspect to continue to feature more great music from this label.

Zoomorfos Bio:

Zoomorfos is a musical project by Fábio Gomes From Portugal my first contact whit psychedelic music was in 1996 since that time i was always connected to psytrance going to many parties and was growing the taste for the dark side of psychedelic music in 2012 the project of Zoomorfos was born @@@@ What can you expect Deep and Tripy Twisted and Psychedelic The Rest Is History .
Places where already Play 👽🖖Norway , Spain, France , Greece .


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