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190922 – Ayuddha Project

190922 – Ayuddha Project

Sunday, 22 September 2019

This week on psychedelic transcendence show we have some morning full on style music along with some “light” dark psytrance music. Guest set on this episode is by Ayuddha Project. Ayuddha Project is Clive Vaz based in Mumbai. He has a few releases under labels such as Geomagnetic Recs and Star Active Recs. and recently a release ” In the Closet ” via Ohm Ganesh Pro. Clive Vaz is also a multi-instrumentalist and excels at the flute and digiridoo. Over the week, we posted our monthly list of top releases for September. Check the whole list here – https://www.tptrb.com/tptr-picks-for-september-2019/  . Some of the releases on the list are available for free download.

Coming up next week is DJ Allycat, a UK-based hitech DJ. He is the co-founder of an upcoming hitech label Brain Drill Recs. Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto.
Ayuddha Project Bio:

Ayuddha Project is a psytrance project by Clive Vaz. Clive is a performing artist, multi instrumentalist, composer and music producer . His music combines his art of playing multiple unique organic ethnic instruments like Flute, didgeridoo, mouth-­‐ harp, African Djembe, percussions and electronic produced sounds to create electronic live fusion music.
He began his journey with music as a young child experimenting with various music instruments like Flute & mouth organ . He loved playing the sounds in his head and turned anything into an instrument be it table tops, vessels from the kitchen, bottles, water etc. He believes music is in all thing and everywhere.
His music today is a versatile mix of Indian fusion, Electronic, Chill, Ambient, World, Ethnic Tribal House, Dub Fusion, Psytrance. . Clive’s purpose of life is to jam, play & connect with musicians from all around the world and compose/create music that is unique and artistically rich. He is constantly looking to push conventional boundaries and reinvent himself and his music, which is evident in his work. As a solo musician he has played with various artists and bands at some of the biggest stages in the country. He has worked on varied projects from producing and playing Music for Fashions shows, Live music concerts, Jingles for commercials, Djing, Conducting Drum circles and Live Music for Corporate events.



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