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190915 – Witch Freak

190915 – Witch Freak

Sunday, 15 September 2019

There is lot of talk on the fall in popularity of psytrance music and lack of that “vibe” that was present say around a decade ago. However, psytrance music has never been as big it is now, with festivals being hosted with full capacity audiences and new festivals to complement it as well. The magnamity of the scene has also diversified it with some equate to dance music like house, DNB or techno and some connect with hippie and spiritual lifestyles. There is a whole bunch of psyheads who don’t even visit festivals or gigs and enjoy psytrance privately or with a group of friends.

This week we present some forest and dark psy music. DJ Boga presents a mixed bag of new and not so new tunes to get you ready for the week ahead. Guest set on this episode is Alexander Taccio aka Witch Freak. He presents a 90-minute exclusive live set for this episode! Witch Freak is a Italian forest psy producer and part of Banyan Recs. Witch Freak will play next in London on 21st september at a outdoor party. His next track release will be from his split project called Drop Voltage soon on Stomping Goats Records. Artwork by Takeshi Matiomoto

Bio: Witch Freak project made his 1st steps in a little underground studio in Italy back in 2008, from Alexander Tacconi. Originally im Italian but I have spend 8 years in Estonia in a very beautifull uncontaminated area full of forest, peaceful, that helped me to build my own sound. I’ve been working through this years with several labels such Banyan Rec, Visionary Shamanic rec, Discovalley rec, Sonic Tantra rec. I had the pleasure to play in different countries such: Estonia,Lithuania, Finland,Norway,Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, England, Lebanon.


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