190908 – Zamurah

190908 – Zamurah

Sunday, 08 September 2019

Just four months left for 2020 ! We have some exciting episodes lined up till then. This includes new psytrance producer from Mumbai Ayuddha Project and UK-based forest psy producer Witch Freak. We are working on getting our subscription service running soon. So subscribe on the website to get new episode links directly via email.
On this episode, we present some Dark Psy and Hitech music. DJ Boga present a fresh new hitech set and guest set is by Zamurah. Zeke Zamurah presents his demo set on this episode. Zamurah is a young guy but has been part of the psytrance scene for a while now. He has featured on several compilation across different labels over the years. Zamurah also provides mastering services and has mastered several albums over the last year. His first EP Izanami was released this year on Irori Music.
He has collaborated with TPTR resident DJ Boga and released a track Recovering Time in 2018.

Zamurah Bio:
Ezequiel Mozzi (Zeke) from Buenos Aires Argentina is an artist experienced in the recording, mixing, mastering and composition of Darkpsy.
He started experimenting with different musical styles and instruments (sax, harmonica).
When the psy merged with it, everything changed. He started as a DJ (2008) and then begin to create their own productions with the name Zamurah (2010).
After appearing in different V.A., in february 2019, his first EP called Izanami was released.

Labels: Oktoom Records, Chanakya Records, Shamanism Records, IrOri music.

gig calendar for Zamurah:
SEPTEMBER 20 – High Frequencies – Sao Paulo – Brazil
OCTOBER 12 – The fall of the Sectional Sofas – Stockholm – Sweden
DECEMBER 7 – Syncronia Ed. 1 ano – Goiania – Brazil
DECEMBER 31 – Space Tribe Festival – fco. Beltrao – Brazil
for more information: [email protected]


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