190901 – DJ Diana up

190901 – DJ Diana up

Sunday, 01 September 2019

Guest set on this week’s episode is by Israel-based uplifting psytrance DJ Diana up . She presents an 2 hr psygressive set on this episode. She also featured previously on Psychedelic Transcendence. Search on the website to hear the mix of the previous episode. Coming next week is a promo mix by argentina based dark psy producer Zamurah.

Upcoming gigs

30Aug – Void Berlin
31Aug – “Deep Space” , Israel, outdoors psy party
7Sep – Live Band Album Launch and Dj , indoors, Israel
31Sep – “Miri in the Desert” outdoors psy party, Israel
17Oct – outdoors psy party women line-up

Bio : Dj Diana Up, 2 decades on the decks, an expert in more than 20 sub genres of new and retro Psychedelic electronic music. One of the first Djanes in Israel, Co-founder of the regional Israel Burning man event, first female Djane in the fresh born Sinai psy-scene since 2014. Has many outdoor and indoor event lines residencies i her bio. Currently working on 2 fresh projects of music and party productions together with innovative partners. Has just finished a short European tour in Romania (Transylvania Calling) and Germany.


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