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190811 – TRIPTONE

190811 – TRIPTONE

Saturday, 10 August 2019

This week on the Psychedelic Transcendence show we are featuring some lighter or full on music. This show is hosted by DJ Boga. Guest featuring this week on the show is veteran psytrance act – TRIPTONE . He represents Digital Om Productions. TRIPTONE is based in India and has played in many parties across several cities. Coming up next week on the show is Astral Labyrinth from Oktoom Music. If you like this show, feel free to support us via donations.

The dynamic Amitabh Swetta has been grooving from one music festival to another, following some of the World’s finest DJ’s ergo experiencing first hand, the energy and madness of a live act, for many years.
Caught amidst all these melodies and tempos, he decided that it was time that he created a similar experience for his friends back home, in Mumbai. Although he has been passionate about music for so many years, it has only been over the past year that this self-taught DJ, Amitabh Swetta, now also known and steadily becoming popular as TRIPTONE, has started making a niche for himself in the music world. He plays the sounds of the psychedelic edge. Recently, he has also been spinning out some “chill-out” music to sit back and enjoy the sunset with. Because he enjoys music from Beethoven and Mozart to Ravi Shankar, Metallica, Xerox and Illumination, to U2, sting and Kasabian, TRIPTONE is now gradually experimenting with mixing various genres of music into his preferred playing style to create rhythms and sounds that are more authentically his. He has already played Alongside amazing talents like Astrix, Ace Ventura, Azax Syndrome, Sonic Species, Sonic Entity, Middle Mode, AJJA, Hypnoise, Laughing Buddha, Upgrade, Outsiders, EVP, Avalon, Ritmo, Lifeforms, Nitrodrop, Mekkanikka, hilight tribe and many many more. TRIPTONE began with small underground parties and is now spreading his love and experience with music to a wider audience.



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