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190728 – Datagen

190728 – Datagen

Sunday, 28 July 2019

No man is a island. We are an influenced and have to behave to suit the needs of the society we live in. Similarly, the Psytrance scene is subject to the same hierarchical system that has been adopted by different genres in the music industry and other industries in general. What this means is that there is always a few number of artists that can be on top and playing at all the major festivals. This is not because there is not good talent out there who can fill their shoes but this is how the industry moves currently. This system though guarantees returns for event organisers. It hampers the spread of diversity of the genre as a whole.We at Psychedelic Transcendence are trying to break away from this name dropping phenomenon and try to present fresh talent week on week.

On this episode we are highlighting hitech music. Guest set is by Datagen. Datagen is a hitech produce based in India and has released three EP on various labels. He represents Lunatic Alien Recs.


Datagen is the solo project of Bilal Nabi, born in India in 1990. Growing up he was heavily influenced by Death/Core/heavy/black metal music.  His love for Psytrance originated in the early 2007’s, and he started Djing in the year 2010, and has slowly measured his way up to making music to his own sense and feel of life.
Upcoming EP titled  ‘ Abysmal’  released by Lunatic Alien Records towards the end of 2019.



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