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190721 – DJ Deadly Nightshade

190721 – DJ Deadly Nightshade

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Psytrance in South America has gotten quite massive over the last few years. This year it seems the number of festivals are comparable to that in Europe even. We have been told that the audience composition there for the different styles of psytrance is similar to that in Europe and India. Which is larger audiences for full on and progressive style music and smaller crowds for forest, hitech and dark psy.
On this episode, DJ Boga presents a mix of some of the recently released hitech compilations. Guest featuring on this show is DJ Deadly Nightshade aka tollkircsche. Marina is a darkpsy dj from Germany representing labels such as Horrordelic, Sacred Evil, Kali Patrol and Brain Massacre Project. She had featured on the show in 2013 and as then has put up an excellent mix on this episode.

Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto

Marina, Tollkirsche (Deadly Nightshade) was born in south Germany. Where she had her first contact with psy in the beginning of the 00’s. From the first moment she was fascinated by the music and loved the ability to bring her energy to the people as a DJ. So still today she’s a very passionated collector of Darkpsy and Psycore. Around 2010 she began to play her first Dj-Sets, which are empossed by very hard deep basslines and strong atmospheres. She also plays a very big spectrum of bpm’s, which gives her the ability to take people where they are and push them to their limits.



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