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190519 – Atrus

190519 – Atrus

Sunday, 19 May 2019

What is Dark Psy music ? It is music meant for night time in psychedelic parties. It consists of no singing, short breaks, heavy basslines and no major (pun intended) melodies. DJ Alpha once said Dark Psy refers to unknown trance music that which includes sounds that are not known. This week we will some music from this style. Guest set is By Atrus. Nikos Kechagias aka Atros is a darkpsy producer from Greece. He released his EP on Underground Experience and has also released tracks on several compilations across labels. He is playing at some festivals in Europe this summer such as Primitif Festival, Five Suns Festival, Free Earth Festival, among others. Upcoming releases coming up on Woo-Dog Recs, Shunyata Recs and Underground Experience. Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. Check our instagram and FB page for latest updates. If you like this podcast, donate to us, will help us do more shows in future.

Behind the project Atrus is Nikos Kechagias from north Greece. Born in 1980 and at the age of 15 he began to listen to electronic music After a few years began to deal with djing and then to organize small parties.

In 2008 it was time to start musical production. He experimented with psychedelic sounds and in 2016 he created the project Atrus. In 2017 he released two Digital E.P and participated in collections with great artists.

Psychedelic dark/forest with lot of atmosphere’s is the style of music that expresses it.


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