TPTR Picks for March 2020

TPTR Picks for March 2020

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

A bit late this month, but here are the top pick for March from the TPTR team. Some of these releases have launched in previous month but we wanted to highlight them on our list, hence added them. Check new episodes of Psychedelic Transcendence every Sunday on this website.  

VA – Permutations Vol. 7 (Zenon Recs)
Sumiruna – Conexion (zenon Recs)
Quadrapuss – Tentacular Spectcular (Technophobia Recs)
Gooutonahinote – Transformalin (Hypnotica Recs)
Acid Tricks – We Take Fun Very Seriously (Grimm Recs)
Necropsycho – Anima Animus (Alice-D Recs)
Baphomet Engine & Ocelot – Bapholot On Earth (Moon Koradji Recs)
Lova – Blastemia (NutriaDance Recs)
VA – Bar Flies (Metacortex Recs)
VA – Raand Saand Seedi Sanyasi (Kamakhya Recs)


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