28-Sep-17 – Diana Up

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28-Sep-17 – Diana Up

TPTR Episode on 28 September, 2017
DJ Diana Up
based in Israel.

Diana grew up as a happy little girl in Romania, immigrated to Israel with her parents, who later persuaded her to study dentistry for a living, At uni she got bored, hesitated,then abandoned studying , searched for adventure, and among all of those she slowly discovered her great and real attraction -music and the dance floor.After receiving several offers to be a professional dancer at parties, she decided to go into the DJ booth, instead.
In the long course of her ongoing journey, she became one of the leaders in her field, as a very busy psytrance Djane in a man’s world. From the DJ position she also reached out to the event production business, and her bio has an up to date collection of some fascinating enterprises and partnership projects such as creating Midburn and others.
As the story of her life unfolds, Diana’s character collects musical and consciousness experiences from around the world , space and time and keeps on evolving during the process.
The outcome is Diana’s pure fun and sheer enthusiasm – having the endless ambition to discover more fresh sub-genres of “electronic music” and especially Psytrance, and to keep on playing innovative sets after sets to the audiences that absorb these heart expanding discoveries.

Her “romance” with the crowds on the dancefloors is almost two decades long. Beyond the already wide range of productions that she has been part of , as Dj, or visionary and producer (or all of the above together) she is also involved in the organization of festival fashion events, is in charge of creating dj line ups for parties and teaches beginner DJs. A current sharp twist in her story is Diana’s participation, since 2013, in a festival in Sinai, Egypt , as the only Israeli (female) Dj on the decks.And recently she came back to studying, learning fresh techniques to complete the original part of her dream -creating visionary music, singing and writing lyrics. The end of this story is very wide and open, while Diana keeps on exploring her cosmic soul path within all her creative activities..

Djdiana.up@gmail.com | Ph – +972-52-3544651
Https://www.facebook.com/diana.up.9 | Https://soundcloud.com/diani

28 September 2017  / Radio Schizoid